About Madz

Madz.co is a WordPress MultiSite based free website provider. Think like WordPress.com, But better because we provide you with more features, themes, and options for free out of the box.

Madz.co has 293 themes installed currently and if there is one you see that is not included in our library you may request that we add it to our library.
Remember, You can drastically change the way any theme looks using the Custom CSS Editor.

Things you can do with Madz.co

  • Learn about WordPress and how to use it.
  • Create an Online Portfolio; useful for photographers, bloggers, musicians, podcasters, artists, designers, and more.
  • Create a website with static content.
  • Create a blog focused website.
  • Create a video focused website.
  • Create an Event Calendar.
  • Create a Forum based website.
  • Create a Picture Gallery.
  • Create a store with WP eCommerce. *
  • Use Madz.co as a sandbox.
  • Learn CSS by manipulating the themes with the custom css editor.
  • And much more!


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